The Common Business Library, or xCBL 2.0, is the first open XML specification for the exchange of business documents such as product descriptions, purchase orders, invoices, and shipping schedules across multiple industries and online marketplaces. xCBL 2.0 is a set of XML building blocks and a document framework that allows the creation of robust, reusable, XML documents for electronic commerce. Using the xCBL 2.0 document framework, businesses everywhere can seamlessly exchange business documents of different types.

The building blocks of xCBL were laid during two years of Research & Development on electronic commerce XML foundations with the US Government Advanced Technology Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Based on a broad range of Internet and commerce-related industry standards and specifications, xCBL 2.0 is endorsed by industry leaders including Microsoft, OASIS, the UN/CEFACT Techniques and Methodologies Working Group as well as CommerceNet and its eCo Framework Project and Working Group. To encourage its industry-wide adoption and development, xCBL 2.0 is available free of charge from this website.

Commerce One is an active participant in numerous XML standards bodies and industry initiatives including the World Wide Web Consortium, the IETF, CommerceNet's eCo Working Group, OBI, IOTP, RosettaNet, BizTalk, ebXML, and OASIS.

xCBL is available in XML DTD form and in two different schema languages-Microsoft XML Data Reduced and Commerce One Schema for Object-oriented XML (SOX). The upcoming W3C Schema Definition Language will also be supported.



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